Assalamualaikum fellas. Buying your first own property to be called home is another milestone achieved in your life. Whether it is for investment purpose or own stay, most people are still confused with the sales and purchase agreement and steps of buying a new house in Malaysia. Buying your own property may seem easy but when it comes to going through the procedures of buying a home, you then realize that you have missed out on many steps and wished you know the steps earlier so you could avoid the unnecessary troubles. With so many properties for sale recently, such as properties in Cyberjaya, there are things you need to understand before buying a property in Malaysia and it will definitely save you from unnecessary troubles.

Hello 2018!

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Assalamualaikum fellas. Omgee. Its been a long days tidak update kinda blog of la sangat. Maaf. As usual busy kerja. After all, as usual hanya mampu masuk blog either iklan nuffy masih berterbangan ke idok. That my life sangat in past of days! benci. Hahaha.