Tonton Wayang Ouija

08 November 2014

setelah sekian lama tidak menonton wayang dengan suami, kemarin lepas habis kerja terus naik atas tingkat 8. tengok wayang ouija. kawan-kawan kata best. i memang minat movie horror. suami tak. lebih suka genre aksi. tapi kalau ajak pun, memang suami layankan je. meh baca sinopsis movie ni. i copy paste saja dari wiki sahaja.

Tonton Wayang Ouija
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Sinopsis Wayang Ouija 2014
The film opens with a young Laine Morris (Afra Sophia Tully) and Debbie Galardi (Claire Beale) playing with a Ouija board while in Laine's room, only to be interrupted by Laine's sister Sarah (Izzie Galanti). The scene then fast forwards to present day, where Debbie (Shelley Hennig) is playing with the board by herself and is so unnerved by what she experiences that she tries to burn the board and planchette before calling Laine (Olivia Cooke). Concerned, Laine comes over to check up on her friend but is sent away by Debbie, who promptly goes upstairs and looks through the board's planchette. Her eyes then turn white and Debbie hangs herself.

The following day Laine is spending time with her boyfriend Trevor (Daren Kagasoff) at a diner, where they meet up with their friend Isabelle (Bianca A. Santos). Before long Laine receives a text message stating that she should return home, where she finds her family waiting to tell her about Debbie's death. Laine manages to make it through the funeral and afterwards Debbie's mother asks her if Laine can watch the house for them while they're away, as they cannot bring themselves to remain in the house- to which Laine agrees. While house-sitting, Laine finds Debbie's Ouija board and decides to gather Sarah (Ana Coto), Trevor, Isabelle, and Debbie's boyfriend Pete (Douglas Smith) to hold a seance with the board.

They manage to make contact with a spirit and they receive the message "hi friend". Despite believing that this is Debbie, the group is too frightened to continue playing with the board. They're drawn back to the board after each person finds this message in various locations in their daily life. Upon further interaction with the board the group discovers that the spirit is not Debbie but someone identifying as DZ. Laine looks through the planchette in the hopes of seeing the ghost and sees a young girl with her mouth stitched closed, who then uses the planchette to warn the group to run from her mother- whose ghost Laine also sees while looking through the planchette. The group disbands and each heads home, only for a malicious spirit to follow Isabelle home and murder her. This causes strife between Trevor and Laine, as he believes that if she'd never held the seance then Isabelle would still be alive. They decide to research Debbie's house and finds that a young girl was placed in a mental institution after killing her mother, who she claims killed her sister Doris (Sierra Heuermann) at that same location. The two travel to the institution and meet Paulina Zander (Lin Shaye), who states that their mother killed Doris and sewed her mouth shut because she believed that spirits were trying to communicate through her.

Trevor and Laine quickly head home to do this and they manage to accomplish their task, unleashing the spirits of Doris and Mrs. Zander. Doris manages to overcome her mother and the group believes that everything has been resolved. Unfortunately this proves to be far from the case as Pete is later killed by Doris. Laine confronts Paulina about this, only to realize that Doris and Paulina were the evil ones and that Mrs. Zander was trying to stop them. They manage to gain assistance through Laine's grandmother (Vivis Colombetti), who tells them that the only way to stop the ghost is to burn Doris's body and the Ouija board set. This proves easier said than done and Trevor is also killed before Sarah manages to locate the corpse. Both Sarah and Laine are attacked by Doris and it is only through the intervention of Debbie's spirit that the girls survive and manage to burn Doris's corpse and the Ouija board set, destroying Doris. The two sisters return home, only for Laine to find the planchette waiting for her in her room. Kredit: Wikipedia

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